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Two morsels for reader's delectation

By Frank Parlato Jr.

12 January, 2006

Antoine for Congress

Our sources in Buffalo tell us he has made up his mind:

Distinguished Buffalo Common Council Member, Antoine Thompson has definitely decided to run for Congress, and will announce at the appropriate time (i.e. soon) that he will oppose Louise Slaughter in the Democratic primary, to be held in September of this year.

This has caused a rift in Grass Roots, especially between Thompson and Grass Roots' illustrious founder and  current de-facto leader, Maurice Garner-- who vigorously supports Slaughter.

Thompson’s momentary consideration of a run for the 60th district Senate seat – a move urged by both Garner and His Honor, Mayor Byron Brown, but ultimately rejected by Thompson, when he could not get the endorsement from party chairman Len Lenihan, has  made Thompson somewhat less than popular with Buffalo council member Brian Davis, also a Grass Roots member, and one of a group who plans to run for the coveted 60th senate seat.

It is said that Antoine has already invested a sizeable chunk (almost six figures) into national consultants who will, hopefully, create a successful strategy to prevail against the high-ranking, long- time incumbent, Slaughter, in a high minority, and geographically bifurcated district.


Seneca in secret talks today

Barry Snyder, president of Seneca, is scheduled to be in secret meetings today with several of his attorneys to hear specifics of various proposals-- on a number of possible Buffalo Casino sites and … other issues regarding a Buffalo Casino.

Three things are known:

1: A site alluded to in – which is privately owned, is one of, if not the main site being considered. It is a waterfront property along the Buffalo River. (More on this later)

2. The growing opposition from community leaders and especially the looming law suit opposing the creation of a Seneca casino in Buffalo are of deep concern to Seneca leaders, and their attorneys.  Some of the discussions being held today will center on the defensibility of such a suit.

3. The Senecas want a casino in Buffalo mainly to serve  middle to low- income locals. The hurtful part of the Seneca compact, as it relates to Niagara Falls, however, has not been the Casino, itself, but other Seneca tax- free businesses that have sprung up on the new reservation in downtown Niagara Falls. Seneca is literally putting Niagara Falls businesses – out of business – because Seneca is competing directly with American businesses-- such as gift shops, restaurants, and hotels – while Seneca pays no property tax, no sales tax, no income tax, no bed tax, no corporate tax.

In Niagara Falls, NY, that is just too big of an advantage to overcome. Businesses are collapsing while Seneca is prospering.

It is obvious that Buffalo, learning from Niagara Falls’ mistake, will take steps to halt the approval of all kinds of businesses other than the Casino.

One discussion which should be held then is if Seneca can open a Casino in Buffalo – the trade off may be that they will not be permitted to open other tax- free businesses, but rather will have to compete with American businesses on a level playing field.

Would that be so bad?




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