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The Seneca Nation negotiating for new site in Buffalo.

DNL site "likely to be used for parking lot" sources say...

By Frank Parlato Jr.

07 January, 2006

While we cannot give all the details yet, at this moment the Seneca Nation – who, along with Canada and the USA share nationhood around the world famous Niagara Falls – are negotiating with a private property owner to acquire new territory and build a new casino and possibly other tax-free businesses, hotels and stores in what is currently Buffalo, NY.

According to the compact signed with NY State, Seneca had to begin work on their Buffalo site by December 9, 2005, hence the appearance of some construction work at the current DNL site.

Our sources tell us, however, that that deal – in spite of some protestations you may hear to the contrary- will not be used for anything more than – possibly – employee parking.

The real and logical site – as far as the Seneca’s are concerned – lies elsewhere - and the Seneca’s are, through their attorneys, in the process of negotiations right now for what may be their “most preferred” site.

While we have an embargo on identifying the locality until negotiations are further along, we can reveal at least this much: it is not any of the sites previously mentioned in any news report, it is in Buffalo, it does have water access, and is absolutely owned privately and not by any Authority or government agency.

Readers come to for information not found anywhere else. And this is a reasonable sample. Of course, the current negotiations may fall apart with the Senecas and the land owner of the site currently in negotiations, and may wind up on the list of wannabe casinos -but we had it first – and so will you, our readers.






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