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Parlato gives the Falls hope

Letters to the Editor

By Chitra Selvaraj

07 April 2006


Don Glynn seemingly has his facts all wrong in his column “Oxy center plagued by edifice complex” dated March 30. One would almost think from the hostility in the column that he or family members have an old feud with Mr. Parlato.

His preposterous concluding comment that because of Frank Parlato its “hard to make out a rainbow anymore” makes his entire column seem laughably absurd.

I wish to remind Mr. Glynn that if one looks around downtown Niagara Falls, one sees the Rainbow Center, the United Office Building, the Turtle and other buildings deserted. They were full of life once.

But today, downtown Niagara Falls appears as almost a ghost town, in stark contrast to the prosperous Niagara Falls, Ontario, just across the river.

In spite of its blemishes, at least there’s something happening at One Niagara.

I wish to point out when comparisons are made, it must be commensurate with the current situation. Unmatched comparisons are ridiculous as comparing a handicapped person with an Olympic athlete. What Mr. Parlato seems to be doing is akin to helping a handicapped city walk with the help of crutches.

It might not be much in comparison to the Olympian Niagara Falls Ontario.

The former Oxy building is one of the only places downtown that promises change — despite all odds, striving for the rights to prosperity of local businesses. These local businesses have been deprived by the greedy hands of Albany, and the self-satisfied lucky few — like the Glynn family monopoly of the lower Niagara River called the Maid of the Mist, and the Seneca Casino/tax-free shopping/hotel complex.

At least Mr. Parlato seems to be trying to help the local American people of Niagara Falls escape from the clutches of Albany, and get back what they rightfully own (the Niagara hydro-power, tourism, equality with Seneca etc).

Unless one is blind or has relatives who have a hidden pro-Albany agenda for their own self-interest, one can see that Mr. Parlato’s efforts are commendable, and because of him, perhaps, more than any other man, that downtown Niagara Falls has a hope of seeing not only a Rainbow but also its promised pot of gold in the near future.

I can see why the Albany crowd is squarely against him.

Chitra Selvaraj

Niagara Falls










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