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Press Reports

Interesting people in the news. As a journalist and a writer, Frank Parlato Jr. has written various articles in a number of publications like the Niagara Gazette, Politics New York . net, Buffalo News, Tonawanda News and so on. These articles have awakened the public to various facts and truths surrounding them. Here is a collection of some of his most recently published articles

Date Publication Article
09/19 BN Planning Board approves Occidental building changes


One Niagara must remove illegal signs
09/06 BN Condemned building now up to code
08/31 NG NIAGARA FALLS: City reverses condemnation of One Niagara
08/29 NG Parlato case is out of City Court
08/29 BN Violante, facing suit, leaves Parlato trial
08/24 BN Condemned offices still not up to code, inspector say
08/23 BN Condemned building still open for business
08/18 NG
Parlato gets first code approval
08/11 NG Cheers & Jeers
08/11 NG
COLUMN: One Niagara will overcome roadblocks
08/11 BN FBI said to inquire about Parlato
08/09 NG Parlato releases settlement with Falls
08/09 BN Developer discloses terms of settlement with Falls
08/06 NG
EDITORIAL: Too many questions surround Parlato deal
08/01 NG Anello defends One Niagara agreement
08/01 BN Accord with developer remains secret
07/29 NG Parlato set to sue city, state
07/29 NG One Niagara seeks code waiver
07/28 BN Developer gets free rein during tourist season
06/03 NG Oxy changes take shape
04/25 WGRZ Developing the pit
04/25 NFR Aquapit fiasco finally fades into history
04/23 NG As Niagara Falls
04/20 NG Don Glynn: Filled in
04/07 NG Parlato gives the Falls hope
04/02 NG Activity at One Niagara to start soon, developer says
03/31 PNY Standing Tall
03/30 NG GLYNN COLUMN: Oxy center plagued by edifice complex
03/23 NG Standing tall
03/23 NG One Niagara seems intact




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